How Does a Gas Grill Work ACTUALLY? Let’s Reveal it.

In this modern world, the use of a grill is not at all unusual. The majority of the individuals possess one grill in their garden. It can be any grill, either propane or natural. They are easy to operate and can be heated up rapidly. These grills are frequently utilized for cooking food or barbecue to be consumed inside or outside your house. Well, if you possess one and know how it operates can be useful when there are little problems.

Generally, the gas grills come with an iron leg stand. It offers the stage for heating your barbeque or for food. Some grills have the top cover named as smoker boxed, and some are open from the top, depending on the models.

How Does a Gas Grill Work ACTUALLY? Let's Reveal it.

Based upon the grill’s model, there is a distinct fireplace under the grill. However, the majority of the grills possess a gas burner through which propane or natural gas flows out and can be ignited. Also, the burner has holes that can be evenly spread entirely through the surface of the burner.

After the gas begins to flow, you can light the fire by making use of a matchstick or a small spark. Also, you can extinguish the fire by making use of a regulator that simply turns the valves and stopping the gas supply to the fire to prevent it from burning more.

So, now you are in a position to understand the working of a gas grill completely. And also, you’ll get to know the answer to the question – how does a gas grill work.

For a gas grill to work, there is a requirement for fuel, whether it is a propane or natural gas. The gas grill requires to be fed by a connection of a pipeline from the natural gas outlet if it needs natural gas. Whereas, on the other hand, if the grill needs propane, then it is fed through refillable containers that require getting refilled or changed when they finish off.

Initiate by opening the grill’s cover so that there wouldn’t be any gas development in the cooking region when you make use of a gas grill. To strike a fire, press the button of the igniter to turn up the burners entirely in the case of a natural gas grill. And you need to rotate the valve in an anticlockwise direction on the gas tank’s top to initiate a propane grill. If you do not have an igniter, then make use of a matchstick to ignite the fire. You can also turn on all burners if you desire, and when you have completed this job, simply close the lid, and before further using the grill, allow it to get warm for 15-20 minutes.

Whether it is a propane or natural gas, it begins to flow out via the burner in amounts permitted by the valve when you rotate the grill’s valves. The grill will get heated up when the burner starts delivering an uninterrupted flame. The fire’s heat expands uniformly in the entire cooking region of the grill as the majority of the frills are manufactured with the help of metal parts.

To offer quicker heating of the food along with delivering better efficiency and covering a bigger region, the burner’s holes are disbursed out equally. You can rotate the rods of the grill, and these can be utilized to grill chicken or kebabs when turning it on the rods.

In addition to this, the surfaces made of material make sure that the food will be cooked entirely regardless of the matter whatever you cook. These days, the majority of the grills come with more than one burner, which permits the heat to cover more simply and spread larger regions. By making use of the regulator available on the grill, the gas from the burners can be managed easily. Also, you can cook your food at a slow flame for thorough or even cooking and increase the gas amount flowing through the burners if you want to cook your food quicker.

To shut off the grill, turn off the valves on the gas tank if you are making use of a propane grill, and if you are using a natural gas grill, then turn off the knobs of the burner when you are done with your cooking process.

Don’t ever forget when there is a need to refill the propane tank, so always keep an eye on the fuel indicator.

If you don’t clean the grill, then this may result in stained grills and clogged burners, so it is essential to clean the grill after every use.

Final words

There are two sorts of gas grills – propane and natural gas. Each contains some benefits over the other. However, the working of both these grills is almost identical with some little distinctions. You can learn about Gas Grills at House Affection

How to Repair a Vintage Refrigerator?

The only thing worse than having a faulty refrigerator is having a vintage faulty refrigerator. Though most of the times, such vintage appliances are only valuable to vintage enthusiasts and common households will get rid of them as early as possible. But to the retro enthusiasts, such pieces of technology can be worth gold. Though not always you’ll find a vintage appliance, let alone a refrigerator, that is in perfect condition and works flawlessly. With the passage of time, the device tends to lose its efficiency and may even stop working completely.

If you own a vintage refrigerator and need to sell it to an enthusiast then the best way to get the maximum price out of it is to sell it in as good condition as possible and get the best refrigerator in market ASAP.

Though, mostly such refrigerators might be in need of repairs which can be simple to perform if you follow the steps correctly. The other major problems that you might face with such devices is the physical condition being too bad sometimes beyond repair.

If you want to repair the refrigerator on your own it’s best advised getting the internals repaired by a professional as the electrical and mechanical parts can be too complex or in bad condition, to be handled on your own.

In this article, we will show you how to repair the external and internal surfaces of a vintage refrigerator correctly

vintage kitchen

Exterior repairs

  1. The first thing you’ll need to do is to thoroughly clean the exterior and interior surface of the refrigerator. Open the refrigerator door and remove all the removable parts such as the racks, cup and bottle holders, crisper drawers and other removable parts. To clean these parts use a mixture of soap and hot water and clean all the parts thoroughly.
  2. Once all the parts are cleaned thoroughly, either take out the refrigerator in your lawn or in any ventilated area. It’s preferable if direct sunlight is present.
  3. Put on protective gear such as gloves and mask. Spray rust remover onto the refrigerator. Try to scrub away all the loosened rust with a ball of steel wool and clean all the remaining residue with a mixture of hot soapy water.
  4. Once the body of the refrigerator has dried, try to find any holes in the structure of the refrigerator and fill them up with automotive body repair putty. Smoothen out the putty while it’s wet using a broad knife or a card. Allow the putty to dry completely for some time.
  5. Ensure that no part of the refrigerator’s body is wet or still drying. Now takes 120-grit sandpaper and sand the surfaces until smooth. If you are also repairing the inner surface of the refrigerator then you need to repeat the same process again.
  6. Once you are satisfied with the sanding, take a sponge and soak it in soapy water and wipe the freshly sanded surface with it. Once all the sanded surfaces are wiped allow the surfaces to dry completely.
  7. Now we need to prime and paint the refrigerator. For this step cover the gasket of the refrigerator’s door with masking tape and also cover all the metal logos and inside surface of the door. Use a newspaper to cover the inner surface of the refrigerator door. Now leave the refrigerator door open and apply primer and paint to the refrigerator’s surfaces.
  8. To prime and paint efficiently buy a primer that inhibits rust formation and it should be oil-based. While spraying, make sure that you move your hand in only one direction. Going in a zig-zag pattern will ruin the final finish.
  9. While spraying on the outer surfaces, use a paint suitable for outdoors. One first layer of paint is applied allow it to dry completely. Now repeat the process two-three times to get the best finish. Make sure that each coat of paint dries completely before you start to apply the next one.
  10. Once enough coats are applied let it dry completely. Now spray a clear coat on the refrigerator’s surface and let it dry.

Interior repairs

  • For repairing the interiors the first thing you need to do is to check the condition fo the gasket attached to the inner side of the refrigerator door. Look around any cracks in the gasket if any and fill them up with silicone caulk. If there are too many cracks, then it is not advised to repair it rather the whole gasket needs to be replaced. You can find a suitable gasket online.
  • If the inner surfaces are scratched or damaged, apply a layer of white enamel paint onto them. Any kind of cracks, chips and minor damages on the interior structure are the most likely surfaces that should be covered in enamel paint. If required apply multiple coats of the enamel. Once the enamel coat dries off completely, apply a clear enamel coat over it and let it dry.
  • Take a ball of steel wool and sand off any discoloured racks thoroughly. Apply a coat of rust remover onto the worn off surfaces and remove any loosened rust with steel wool. Apply rust-inhibiting primer on the affected areas and spray an appropriate colour paint onto the racks and interiors of the refrigerator. Make sure you use a paint meant for outdoor use as the temperature variations inside the refrigerator can cause issues with normal paint.
  • Once all the priming and painting is done, tightly screw all the bolts and screws and make sure all the hinges are tightly held on. Also, make sure that all the shelves and racks have enough support to withstand weight put on them.

Want to clean your oven? Here is your guide to help you in this process.

The use of the oven in daily life has increased. We use it at least 3 times a day or even more, it depends on our work. Many people even burn their food inside. After all the work an oven does it gets dirty and need some attention to clean it.

But, how? How can one clean it easily? Do not worry as this article will help you in cleaning your oven in no time. Just little things and a little bit of work and TaDa! A beautiful and clean oven. So let’s begin. If your oven has the self-cleaning option then it is optional.

microwave compressor

Material required.

First of all, you should collect these items before cleaning. It is generally present in every household.

  • baking soda
  • vinegar
  • dish soap
  • aluminum foil
  • scrub
  • towels
  • spray bottle
  • rubber gloves (optional)

If you already have a bottle of paste used for the cleaning process then you can also use it anyway.
Before cleaning you should wear gloves and if you are good at catching allergies than please cover your skin and
mouth also.

Let’s make cleaning paste.

By using these things make a paste which you will be using to clean the sticky and hard debris of burnt food. Make it as consistent as yoghurt.


Remove the rack of the oven and then clean it using Vacuum cleaner if some debris of food is present there. Then scrub all over its surface and if the paste is thick add some water to make it perfect. After scrubbing leave it for an hour or so and in this time you can clean your racks. While scrubbing, you can also use a ball made by aluminium foil if the cloth is not enough for the stains. Then, wipe off all the soda with a cloth.


Make a spray of vinegar and some dish soap. Spray it all over the oven and you will notice the formation of foam as it is due to remains of soda. Let it sit for 10 minutes then after that wipe it up with the help of the clean cotton cloth.

Disassemble you door

Ovens have a double/triple glass wall in the door. This is what keeps it insulated and allows you to see inside while the oven is baking. You may think that the door’s glass is cleaned. But, there may be dirt present in between the door and glass. You should first read your oven’s disassembling manual carefully before opening it.

While disassembling be careful so that you can not break the glass of your door. Clean the glass carefully with the same procedure you cleaned your oven or you can clean it with any glass cleaner if you have it. After the cleaning process reassembles the door.

Reinsert your rack. Be sure that all the parts of your oven are dry and you had cleaned it without leaving any residue before assembly.

What can be a better way to celebrate this other than baking a batch of delicious cookies.…

Want to done a makeover of your fridge?Here is your guide about how to paint your fridge.

A well furnished kitchen will be worthless when you have an unattractive fridge in it. Give it a new makeover to look more attractive and Interetesting. You can also make graffiti on it. You can also give it a colour based on the theme of your kitchen. You do not have to worry if you already have designer fridge. If you have white boring fridge then you are at right place. Read this article and then let your creativity flow on your fridge. Let us begin.

Safety measurements

Safety is the first. You should paint your fridge outside if you are painting spray paints. These are caustics and can cause you breathing problems while painting in indoors. You can paint in your garage or any ventilated room. Cover all the inside of your fridge either by newspaper or cloth anything that suits you or seems easy. Do not paint the area where you fridge door closes as it can do some sticking problem. To prevent this area from paint you can use oil specially mineral oils to prevent sticking of door gasket. Keep masks and gloves handy and do not forget to cover all the area you do not want to paint either your fridge or your floor or anything your fridge is lying on.

Let us start painting procedure.

Before doing painting stuff never forget to scrub off the surfaces. When you scrub it the paints will have a dry surface which will be better for paints to stick on it. Always wear masks to prevent the dust from going inside of your breathing track which can harm it. Wear latex gloves to protect your skin you can also use hair cloth to protect your hair. You should take these measures if you are doing it first time.

*UPDATE* – Don’t paint where the gaskets attach to the refridgerator to close. Even months later, the door is hard to open and sticks a lot. However, no paint ever came off from this area. You should put a line of mineral oil on the gasket to keep it from sticking so much but professionals advises not to paint that area.

Make an overview of how you are going to paint it and which colour you are going you to use for your fridge. It will save your time and you do not have to scratch your head while thinking about the colours. Paint slowly and very carefully. Try to paint every surface evenly and uniformly. Have some tissues handy so that you can wipe off the paints from undesired place. Confirm the texture and thickness of your paint.

After the completion of painting process. Do not remove your mask and gloves yet. Let the fridge to be dry and after sometime when paint is not sticky cover the fridge for whole night at this time all the paint droplets will falld own on the floor. Next day clean the floor first. You can also use One coat of spray primer and two coats of the matte oil rubbed bronze to give it a sparkling touch.…

How to wash clothes in a washing machine?

Knowing how to wash clothes in a washing machine is a thing known to all. But knowing how to do it properly without making your light clothes painted by the colour of the dark clothes, using proper amount of detergent and choosing the best wash cycle according to your clothes fabric is a little bit difficult task. But you can get it very easily, it only needs a little bit of practice.

Separating clothes for laundry

Since, your different clothes would be made of different fabric and different colours, so you need to separate them for better cleaning results.

Usually, the mistake we do is that we forget to separate our light clothes from dark clothes while putting it in washing machine which results in our light clothes get coloured with the colour that comes out from our dark clothes. Most of the dark coloured clothes lose their colour especially if we talk about the newly purchased ones.

Therefore, if you do not want your white shirt to become grey if you are cleaning it with black shirt, then separate it out and clean them separately.

Separating clothes by its fabric

We must always try to figure out the fabric of the clothes while washing. Some of the clothes like denim jeans require strong wash where as some of the cotton clothes require gentle wash. So, separate them out based on their fabric otherwise if you wash light clothes on a strong wash mode, it may get damaged.

The soft clothes such as women’s lingerie, bras and sheets must be washed separately as they need delicate wash. But, if you have an extra load then you can put all of these clothes in a regular wash.
Read the labels on the clothes before putting then in washing machine

Some of the clothes have the washing instruction on the label like only dry wash or wash with cold water only. Whereas some of the woollen clothes needs to be strong washed and even with a special liquid soap.

Therefore, must read the washing instruction on the clothes label and then put then in the washing machine. Try to put the clothes with zippers on and taking them inside out and then placing them in the washing machine. This can save your clothes from getting damaged by washing machine.

Choosing the Proper and right setting for washing

Almost every washing machine comes with a setting for water temperature. Since different clothes are made of different fabric and they can require different water temperature for wash so, choose the setting very carefully. You can use hot water for the clothes which are very dirty and smelly.

But use hot water for light clothes only.You must use cold water for dark coloured clothes especially the new ones which loses colour because if you use warm water then the clothes will lose more amount of dye. Most importantly, always use cold water for cotton clothes as cotton clothes shrinks in warm water.

Wrapping it up

Always see the load size. If your clothes fill the one third of the tub then set it as small, if its half then put the machine load size to medium and if it becomes two thirds the select the large one. Never stuff the tub full with clothes as water also needs some space for cleaning up your clothes.…

Dometic Coolmatic CRX 50 – Product Reviews 2020

The new Dometic Coolmatic CRX 50 refrigerator is the newest addition in the Coolmatic refrigerator lineup. CRX 50 is a smart refrigerator with a stainless steel front and comes with a patented removable freezer compartment that can be removed as needed to make space for a larger fridge compartment. With a total 45 L of storage and an optional 4.4 L of space for the freezer, CRX 50 offers plenty of space and is a versatile refrigerator for campervans. Caravans and motorhomes.

Its low energy consumption ensures that you can use it even with a solar panel as a power source and with a 48L capacity this refrigerator can maintain a temperature between 4-7 degrees even with a higher ambient temperature of the surroundings.

Dometic Coolmatic CRX 50

It comes with patented energy-efficient genuine WAECO compressor with variable motor speed optimization.

The Dometic coolmatic CRX 50 comes with an ingenious interconvertible mechanism that allows the freezer compartment to be pulled out and to be converted into a larger refrigerator compartment.

It also comes with a soft-touch control panel that is integrated within the inner LED light in the refrigerator. The soft-touch control panel comes with tactile feedback buttons that you can use to change the temperature settings of the refrigerator.

The door of the CRX 50 can be unhinged and hinged to any side of the door as per your convenience. You can also change the decor panel inside the refrigerator to suit your needs.

The CRX 50 also comes with a venting position inside the refrigerator door to allow airflow and maintain the freshness when the refrigerator is not in use. You also get a double locking mechanism in the door which you can use to ensure that the door doesn’t open on its own.

Some cool features of the CRX 50

  • Energy-efficient design
  • Digital control of the fridge temperature
  • Ambient temperature-controlled fan speed to reduce noise (at 38 °C fan runs at higher speed)
  • Interior LED light
  • Variable door mounts & hinges right (standard)/left
  • Door with double lock (top/bottom) & dual function (locking/ventilation)
  • Standard or flush-mount installation frame accessory options
  • Removable freezer
  • Separate storage for keeping vegetables and groceries.

Technical specifications

  • Storage capacity total – 45.6 L
  • Freezer compartment storage – 4.4 L
  • Voltage – 12/24 V DC and 100-240 V AC
  • Temperature range Freezer: -15 °C to -5 °C
  • Fresh: 3 °C to 12 °C
  • Rapid cooling (without freezer): Min. -6 °C ± 2 °C
  • Freezer: -18 °C to -6 °C
  • Fresh: 3 °C to 12 °C
  • Average power consumption – 40 W
  • Built-in dimensions (W x H x D) – 380 × 534 x 500 mm
  • Weight – 17 kg
  • Testing/Certificates – GS, CE, E4, EMC, RCM
  • Colour Body: Black
  • Door frame Color: silver
  • Door panel: matt-silver
  • Polyurethane foam as an insulator helps to maintain the insulation and keep the temperature steady.
  • Hermetic compressor integrated with control electronics and low-voltage protection to protect the electronics from damage.
  • Integrated automatic reverse pole protection to protect against inverted current flow. It also has an NTC thermistor for accurate temperature measurement.
  • CRX 50 comes with a plastic interior and a plastic door with vinyl coated steel door panel and stainless steel fittings to hold them together.