Want to clean your oven? Here is your guide to help you in this process.

The use of oven in daily life has increased. We use it atleast 3 times a day or even more it depends on our work. Many people even burn their food inside. After all the work an oven does it gets dirty and need some attention to clean it. But, how? How can one clean it easily. Do not worry as this article will help you in cleaning your oven in no time. Just a little things and little bit of work and TaDa! A beautiful and clean oven. So let’s begin. If your oven have self cleaning option then it is optional.

Material required.

First of all, you should collect these items before cleaning. It is generally present in every household.
.baking soda
.dish soap
.aluminum foil
.spray bottle
.rubber gloves (optional)

If you already have a bootle of paste used for cleaning process than you can also use it anyway.
Before cleaning you should wear gloves and if you are good at catching allergies than please cover your skin and
mouth also.

Let’s make cleaning paste.

By using these things make a paste which you will be using to clean the sticky and hard debris of burnt food. Make it as consistent as yoghurt.

Remove the rack of oven and then clean it using vaccum cleaner if some debris of food is present there. Then scrub all over its surface and if the pste is thich add some water to make it perfect. After scrubbing leave it for an hour or so and in this time you can clean your racks. While scrubbing, you can also use ball made by aluminium foil if cloth is not enough for the stains. Then, wipe off all the soda with a cloth.


Make a spray of vinegar and some dish soap. Spray it all over the oven and you will notice the formation of foam as it is due to remains of soda. Let it sit for 10 minutes then after that wipe it up with the help of clean cotton cloth.
Disassemble you door

Ovens have a double/triple glass wall in the door. This is what keeps it insulated and allows you to see inside while the oven is baking. You may think that the door’s glass is cleaned. But, there may be dirt present in between the door and glass. You should first read your oven’s disassembling manual carefully before opening it. While disassembling be careful so that you can not break the glass of your door. Clean the glass carefully with the same procedure you cleaned your oven or you can clean it with any glass cleaner if you have it. After cleaning process re assemble the door.

Reinsert your rack. Be sure that all the parts of your oven is dry and you had cleaned it without leaving any residue before assembly.

What can be a better way to celebrate this other than baking a batch of delicious cookies.…